The complete guide to playing When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly was launched by Netent in 2016. This video slot has an uncommon theme and features pigs flying in space. There are more than 3,000 ways to win in this game produced by none other than the iconic Netent. Read more about this company at

Main features of When Pigs Fly

This 5x5 video slot has crisp images but excellent graphics. In the base game, you have 45 paylines but these can go up to 3125 in successive games. When you launch this rancilio-belgie game, you see a spaceship poised for launch. The grid is juxtaposed against space.

Common symbols- A,J,K, and Q. Y0u can see several pigs flying in the space. The Wild symbol is When Pigs Fly that substitutes for other symbols and can appear on all the reels except the first one. It does not pay anything nor does it double any winnings.


Multiple chances to win

The first win in this lot can increase your reels from 45 to 132 chances to win. When you win the second time, you get 405 permutations and combinations to win, and upon winning for the 5th time, you can get 1875chances to win.

Since these re-spins last longer, you get amazing ways to win your game. On your 5th respin, you can get 8 free spins and this can give you more than 3000 ways to win your game. In many cases, bettors have reported 20x and 30 x their stakes.

RTP, House Edge and Volatility

The RTP of this video slot is 97% which is quite high by online gambling standards. This means that if you have bet $1 10 times on this slot over a period, you can win $9.7 over an extended length of time. However, your wins will depend upon several factors.

The House Edge is 3% so the casino can get back $ 3 over a long period of time. The volatility of this slot is Medium which means you can win or lose small amounts of money regularly. However, you need to deploy all your skills to get that money in.

The gameplay of When Pigs Fly

Set your bet level by clicking the Max Bet button on your game console. Choose your coin value per pay line by clicking the Coin Value button. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.2, and the minimum and maximum bet range is 0.5 to 100.

You can win a maximum of 96, 140 coins in this video slot from When Pigs Fly. This game is apt for new gamblers as well as high rollers because of the bet range. If you are a newbie, create an account on a Nteent casino and begin playing.

Final thoughts on When Pigs Fly

This slot has an uncommon theme but presents 100s of ways to win. When Pigs Fly is suited for newbies and high-rollers because of its bet range. Having a cool storyline and great graphics is a distinguishing highlight of this slot. Animations are amazing.

This slot has a very high RTP but moderate volatility. The game symbols are interesting and innovative. You can play this game even if you are low on budget with little or no fear of losing. When Pigs Fly can be played on mobiles, desktops and tablets easily.